My Radio Interview Airs this Morning

This morning at 10:00 a.m. (PST) my radio interview with Voices Against the Grain airs. It was a fun experience. The two hosts called me from the east coast and we had a hour phone interview. If you cannot listen to it at 10, there will be a link you can listen to after it airs. Click HERE Share This:

The Chemistry of Love: What Causes Desire, Commitment, and the Pleasure of Love?

photo credit>photopin>creativecommons During the physical act of love our body releases a number of chemicals. Actually if one would take a scan of someone’s brain during sex and show it to a neuroscientist, it would be difficult to tell if the brain was affected by drugs or sex. Sex is that powerful! The first photo is a woman’s brain during … Read More

Australia Rhema Fm Radio Interview Archive (Catch-up)

I had the privilege of being interviewed on Australia’s Rhema FM radio program and it is airing this week at various times. It was a relaxed interview where Rick Prosser asked me about my book project. You can click HERE and listen to the radio interview. Thanks for all your support! photo credit>photopin>creativecommons Share This:

Australia Radio Interview Challenged Me to Finish

  Never in a million years would I have thought that writing a book would take as long as it is taking me. Not to mention the time it is taking me to complete my book proposal. Through this process I have read thousands of pages, learned a tremendous amount about this subject, and about not giving up. The past … Read More

Bonding, Attractiveness, Sex, and Kissing: Are all of These Affected by Oxytocin?

photo credit >photopin>creativecommons Is There Anything Oxytocin Can’t Do? Oxytocin makes the process of childbirth smoother, bonds a baby to the mother, creates security among partners, and brings couples closer together, among other things (check out this post about oxytocin and the bond of sex). Scientists keep finding more and more amazing facets to this hormone.  Men Viewing the Attractiveness … Read More

Men and Women are Different: Tell me Something I Don’t Know

Any human being knows men and women are different, especially if two are in a committed relationship and can be honest with one another. The main question is, “Why?”  The reason men and women are different is because of how we are wired. At Penn State researchers conducted the largest study of looking at the neural connectivity of the brain. … Read More

Sex and Glue: The Emotional Bond of a Physical Act

When it comes to the physical act of sex, there is a tremendous amount of emotional bonding that is being created that most probably do not even think of. We can think of this bond as the glue that ties two people together. This bond can have a positive effect as well as a negative one. Let’s dive into the … Read More