Hooking-Up and Casual Sex: The Difference

What exactly is “hooking up?” Hooking up is an ambiguous term used to keep a sexual encounter mysterious among one another. A “hookup” can refer to “passionate kissing” all the way to “sexual intercourse.” The technical definition of hooking up is, “a sexual encounter, usually lasting one night, between two people who are strangers or brief acquaintances. Some physical sexual … Read More

Your Thoughts on Our American Culture

I am reinvigorated in regards to completing my book proposal. The rough draft of the first chapter is completed and now I am working on the second chapter—the “countercultural” chapter. Each chapter will be surrounded by a narrative of someone who’s life is reflective of the material in that particular chapter and then the content/scientific studies will be the content … Read More

The Power of Your First Sexual Experience (Part 2): The Timing

My original post that started this series of “The Power of Your First Sexual Experiences” started with a poll regarding what topic was in high demand, and the people have voted! Here’s my second post on the topic the majority wanted to hear about.   I began my last post by mentioning how we all remember our first sexual experience and … Read More

10 Facts about the Porn Industry: Sex, Men and Women on the Big Screen

As you read this, 30,000 people are watching porn. And to meet that vast demand, a new porn video is produced every 39 minutes. When I first read the article published by the Huffington Post, I was astonished. A company through YouTube publishes “Alltime10s,” which introduces 10 facts about various subjects.  This particular video I am addressing, “10 Incredible facts … Read More

Sex and Glue: The Emotional Bond of a Physical Act

When it comes to the physical act of sex, there is a tremendous amount of emotional bonding that is being created that most probably do not even think of. We can think of this bond as the glue that ties two people together. This bond can have a positive effect as well as a negative one. Let’s dive into the … Read More