A Contradiction: More College Hookups and More Virgins?

Culture is always changing, especially college culture. Not too long ago if a guy was interested in a girl, he would ask her out on a date. On the date, if he really wanted to impress her, he would bring flowers. Perhaps even yellow roses symbolizing he wants to work on their friendship before anything else. And he better have opened every door and walked on the part of the sidewalk that is closest to the oncoming traffic to protect her.
Those days, however, are fading quickly. It is becoming common on college campuses all across the United States that dating is no longer coming first in a relationship. Rather, the new order is “hooking-up” and then (maybe) dating. Hooking up is an ambiguous term used to keep a sexual encounter mysterious among one another. A “hook up” can refer to “kissing” all the way to “sexual intercourse.”
The Cause of College Hook-ups
Let’s look at some of the possible causes of hookups. With the economy still in a damaged state, students are forced to work and attend school full-time—and many also have an internship requirement they must fulfill in order to graduate. Consequently, there is no time and emotional energy for a meaningful relationship. Additionally the percentages of girls to guys in colleges and universities favor the guys. There are more girls in college than guys, meaning guys do not have to work as hard to get the girl. Overall there seems to be a mentality that relationships are tough and students are focusing on school and just experimenting sexually so there is no commitment.
Writer, Sharon Jayson, quotes a History and Literature major in an USA Today article, “In a big way, hookups have kind of taken the place of –not exactly eclipsed—relationships, but hooking up is kind of an easier way for college students to act on their sexual desire without making a big commitment.” (You can read the entire article. It inspired this blog post.)
Even with the increase in hookups, there is a decline with the number of college students having sex.
The Number of Virgins is Increasing
In one account, 24% of college seniors claim to be virgins. From the start of this decade to now, there is a statistical increase of students reporting they are virgins. This would agree with the Center for Disease Control research that pregnancy rates in the US continue to drop. After all, if a student is not having sexual intercourse, it is not possible to get pregnant.
There are many reasons why the numbers of virgins are increasing today. With the busyness of students, it may be difficult to find time to put into a relationship or have a sexual encounter. With the easy access to pornographic material at one’s fingertips, students do not have to fear being rejected by the girl saying, “No.” There is also a growing trend of students having sexual encounters online using their avatars. Last, it may just be that there is a mindset change in students that “everything but sex is OK.”
Whatever the reason for their being more virgins, I am happy to read that there is a definite increase in the numbers. With all the sexual baggage and hurt with multiple partners, there is a lot of risk having sexual experiences before marriage.
The numbers of virgins are rising but it is still the minority. Let me encourage you to take the road less traveled and to wait for your future spouse.
What are your thoughts?

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  2. Great points! Being a licensed therapist for 20+ years, I can safely say I have not sat across from a woman who has regretted only having had sex with her husband. However, I am often saddened as I have the privilege to walk women through the devastation created from having multiple partners. And.. I haven’t regretted having only been with 1 man! 27 years of practice and sexual satisfaction is still a priority for us!

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