Men and Women are Different: Tell me Something I Don’t Know


Any human being knows men and women are different, especially if two are in a committed relationship and can be honest with one another. The main question is, “Why?”

 The reason men and women are different is because of how we are wired. At Penn State researchers conducted the largest study of looking at the neural connectivity of the brain.


Men’s brain are wired front to back within one hemisphere, and women’s brains are wired to go side to side between both hemispheres of the brain. Remember the brain is divided into two hemispheres which have different functions. The left hemisphere of the brain is dominate in language, carrying out logic, and mathematical calculations. The right hemisphere deals with face recognition, helps us comprehend visual images, and to understand music.


It makes sense that men can only do one task at a time, and women can do multiple tasks at one time—that’s how we are wired. Just ask my wife about my multitasking abilities! So how else does the different wiring of our brains make men and women different?


Human Relationships

Women are wired to be better at talking through issues and to show empathy. Men, on the other hand do not do well with emotions and are task-orientated.


Mathematical Abilities

The part of the brain that deals with math is larger in men than in women. Actually, when scientists dissected Albert Einstein’s brain, they found that this area of the brain was abnormally large. This part of the brain also processes sensory information, which causes women to respond to a baby crying much quicker than men.


Reaction to Stress

Men are wired with a “fight or flight” response to stressful and potentially dangerous/threatening situations. Women are wired to care for and nurture for those they can. In addition to the wiring, the reason women nurture and bond to those around them in a difficult or threatening situation is because the hormone oxytocin is released. In addition to oxytocin, estrogen is released. Estrogen enhances the effects of oxytocin, resulting in a bonding, nurturing, and calming atmosphere. Men in these situations produce testosterone and we end up wanting to fight or to protect.



The part of the brain that releases oxytocin, is the deep limbic system. In women, this part of the brain is larger than in men’s; consequently, it is thought that one of the reasons women generally take break ups harder than men, is because they had a stronger bond. (I’ll write more about this in future posts).

Check out this popular post on a more detailed look at oxytocin.


So there you have it, a quick post on the differences between men and women. Obviously there is so much more that could be written, and I plan on writing more about this at a later time.

I am thankful to an article in Masters of Healthcare for the info from the second part of this post.


What are the differences in men and women that either really bother you or crack you up?

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